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Our company's 156 self-pick-up sites are officially launched!

Today is the first day of August with good news for you图片

图片156 self-pick-up sites and lucky draw grand detonation online图片

Ship from Rm1 by air图片ship from Rm3 by sea图片

1. Only Rm1/0.1kg is required for the first 100 people to use the self-pick-up site by air

2. The first 100 people only need Rm3/0.01m3 to use the self-pick-up station

3. The first 100 users who have used our service to comment + like + share will be entitled to air freight Rm1/0.1kg

图片Lucky Draw (3 months/reach 10,000 waybills)

First prize: Rm3,000

Second prize: Rm2,000

Third prize: Rm1,000

Special Prize: Rm300x10

Consolation prize: Rm100x10

One waybill number can enjoy 1 chance图片

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WeChat ID: +6018-953 6868 (IVY)

WeChat ID: +6016-231 1818 (VIVIAN)


Thank you for your support and trust in making us better. 



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